UO Onward

Setting a Course for the Future

As we help forge a path for the future, UO Onward is the institutional priority-setting effort we will undertake together this academic year.

Your Voice Matters

What is UO Onward: Strategic Engagement?

UO Onward: Strategic Engagement is an avenue for conversations and ideas, an opportunity for all members of the community to help set the course for the future. You’re invited to contribute your ideas toward development of the university’s strategic action plan.

Through a series of input sessions and online surveys, community members are encouraged to contribute perspectives and ideas around cornerstone priorities. The input will inform a strategic action plan toward the UO’s most important goals in these areas:

  • Student Learning and Achievement
  • Elevating our Outstanding Scholarship and Service
  • Campus Belonging

When does it take place?

UO Onward takes place over the 2023-24 academic year in four phases
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Input sessions and surveys (fall)

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Compile input, analyze, and draft into a report (winter and early spring)

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Production, revisions, final review (spring)

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Activate teams and workgroups who can begin work to implement plans (summer)

What will be the outcome?

Through an inclusive and transparent process, UO Onward seeks to create a university-wide plan for guiding strategic decision-making. As more community members participate, the more informed and encompassing the plan will be.

How can I get involved?

Attend a community-wide input session, participate as a member of a specific UO group or work team hosting an input session, or take an online survey by December 31.

As a member of the UO community you have experiences and perspectives that could affect key decisions and help shape the UO’s future in the brightest way – a future in which we all have a stake. Thank you!