Priorities and Working Goals

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Priorities and Working Goals

A Framework for Decision-making

UO Onward is built on cornerstone priorities of the UO’s mission. Within each priority are a set of working goals. These goals are the focus of the listening and input sessions that will inform a university-wide plan for guiding strategic decision-making.

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Priority: Student Learning and Achievement

A world-class education for all our students that includes enriching experiences and guides them on their journey to becoming fulfilled citizens.

Working goals:

  • Improve time to degree, measured by four-year and six-year graduation rates.
  • Improve post-graduation success and become a leader among public research universities in career preparation.
  • Close equity gaps in student learning and achievement.
  • Curate an outstanding environment for teaching and learning.
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Priority: Elevate our Outstanding Scholarship and Service

Elevate UO’s reputation for outstanding scholarship and service by capitalizing on our distinctive strengths and innovation.

Working goals:

  • Support curiosity-driven research that expands the boundaries of knowledge and understanding of what it means to be human.
  • Serve the state of Oregon and beyond–as a driver of ideas, innovation, and prosperity.
  • Execute on efforts that are outstanding and distinctive nationally and internationally at the UO, like the Oregon Bach Festival, Oregon Hazards Lab, Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, and the Ballmer Institute for Children's Behavioral Health.
  • Leverage our reputation for excellence and innovation in athletics to elevate the whole university.
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Priority: Campus Belonging

Embracing our shared humanity and individual wellbeing.

Working goals:

  • From our foundational work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, build a culture where everyone feels a deep sense of belonging.
  • Create a community in which every member can flourish.